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Skin Care Procedures


CooLifting – This simple, fast and effective treatment opens a new stay-young future. The treatment is unique, innovative, non-invasive, and let the pores absorb the nutrients and vitamins of our Coolifting serum better by the cold mist application. Click here to contact us or to learn more click

Dermaplaning – A sophisticated form of exfoliation, this treatment removes surface skin cells along with vellus hair referred to as “peach fuzz”. Allowing for a smoother complexion, this treatment instantly softens skin, making makeup application flawless and skin care products penetrate deeper. Kendra will start with an alpha/beta hydroxy toning solution, which helps loosen up the dead skin cells.  Click here to contact us or to learn more click here.
Glycolic Peel – Glycolic acid is derived from sugarcane and is the smallest molecular alpha hydroxy available- which means it pentrates deep to reform texture and dullness. It also stimulates natural collagen production, along with diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Click here to contact us or to learn more click here.
Trusculpt iD – Do you eat well and exercise, but are still frustrated by problem areas on your body that you just can’t seem to get rid of?  With TruSculpt® iD we can decrease circumference and diminish unwanted pockets of fat- with no surgery and no downtime. The treated area may have some mild sensitivity to the touch for a few days post, however, activities and normal exercise can be immediately resumed. Click here to contact us or to learn more click here.

Skinfinity: Fractional Radio Frequency for skin tightening, scars and sun damage. For years, patients have sought out laser resurfacing, chemical peels and microdermabrasion to correct scarring and wrinkles, as well as regain their youthful glow. However, some skin types are limited to certain procedures and some simply don’t have time to take a week off of work for downtime. Click here to contact us or to learn more click here.


Secret™ RF Radio Frequency Microneedling Demand for non-surgical aesthetic procedures with little to no downtime is on the rise. More than 70% of patients are bothered by signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin texture and discoloration. Aesthetics Med Spa is the first in the area to provide our patients with the newest technology in skin tightening.

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