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The solution to a more confident smile and smudge-free lips is Permanent Lip Coloring.

There’s no other makeup ritual that has to be repeated as often as the reapplication of lipsticks, liners and glosses. It smears off while eating, drinking, sweating, kissing your mate or child, or just by talking!  Permanent lip coloring frees you from the nuisance of reapplying lipstick eleven times a day, and the embarrassment of lipstick coming off on everything from mugs to a special someone’s face.

Lip liner is perfect for achieving a well defined lip line or correcting any imperfections, giving the appearance of even shaped lips. You can have a lip liner that is darker or blended back into the lip. Full lip color makes lips appear symmetrically shaped, giving the appearance of younger, fuller lips. Color can be soft and natural looking or more bold and prominent- though on most, the color looks more like a lip stain than a lip stick.

Permanent Lip Coloring is best for…

People with natural lip color so similar to their face color that they appear washed out without having lipstick on. Also for those with uneven or undefined lips. Busy professionals and parents, travelers, sports and outdoors-loving people rave about how permanent lip coloring frees up hours of their time and they don’t have to go searching for their lipstick or gloss. Lipstick and lip gloss enthusiast also swear by lip coloring, because they can still apply their lip cosmetics as desired, but never feel naked all the time.

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