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Scar Camouflage

Skin and Scar Camouflage

Skin or scar camouflage involves using ink that matches the client’s natural melanin to disguise a scar or skin imperfection, restoring a more natural appearance. Scar camouflage helps improve the appearance of scars caused by infections, burns, surgeries, or injuries. The technique can also camouflage skin abnormalities such as vitiligo and hypo-pigmentation, making these areas less noticeable. Surgical scars, including facelift scars or any scar that has healed light or white, can generally be camouflaged by applying color to the depigmented areas- blending it in with the rest of the natural skin tone & making it less noticeable.

How Does Scar Camouflage Work?

Following a consultation with Kendra, the scar camouflage process begins with measurements of the affected area and photographs of the scar in order for Kendra to work on a custom pigment blend for the following appointment. Small areas may be tested to determine which color best matches and will deliver optimal results (this is called a “patch test”). During the follow up sessions Kendra will use a tattooing technique to deposit colored pigment into the upper area of client’s dermis. The pigment will be deposited into the scar until it’s reached the desired color and gradient shading. There is usually some swelling and redness immediately following the procedure. How long the swelling and redness last depends on how much pigment was applied, and what part of the body it was applied to. Although scar camouflage may take several visits to complete and requires more patience than other treatments, we are confidant that the results are both pleasing and rewarding for such a minimally invasive procedure. Clients should be aware that treatments are most effective on areas not exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. The skin surrounding the treated area will change color from UV exposure, but the tattooed skin will not change with it. Try out one of the most revolutionary and safe innovations in beauty, by scheduling a consultation with Kendra today!

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